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FASTFIRE's proven design offers a faster, safer and more comfortable
alternative to the old fashioned around-the-neck camera strap.
A simple, modern improvement that makes you wonder why camera straps weren't made this way long before now! The FASTFIRE Camera Strap feels natural because it cooperates with the design of the human body. The weight of the camera is distributed evenly across the center of your body instead of concentrated on your neck, making it a naturally more comfortable and efficient DSLR camera strap!
Watch the video to see FASTFIRE in action.
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Camera Strap
  • Universal design for all DSLR cameras attaches to the strap lug at the top of the camera in seconds, using the "Camera Link" provided
  • Full 1.5" wide webbing for greater comfort and stability
  • Adjustable strap length to accommodate different body shapes and shooting styles
  • The camera rests hands free at the hip until ready to shoot, then slides freely up and down the strap to any position
Letter From The Owner

We are a small, family owned business - we love what we do,
we believe in our product, and we care about the people who use it!
Guarantee Symbol Letter From The Owner Made in the U.S.A.

Consider these facts:
There are three options for a DSLR camera strap - wrist strap, neck strap or cross-body sling strap. Ask those who have tried all three and you'll have a hard time finding anyone who doesn't prefer the sling strap as their primary means of handling a DSLR. The cross-body sling strap is the new standard camera strap design for all DSLR camera owners...and, you only have to try it once to understand why!

You should expect these four things from a cross-body strap:
  • Safe attachment that doesn't interfere with tripod mount
  • Comfortable shoulder pad that's not bulky
  • Simple system for getting the camera on and off the camera strap quickly
  • Wide strap material for better weight distribution, control and comfort
FASTFIRE Camera Strap exceeds these expectations - a smart choice and a good investment!
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