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When you read these comments, you will quickly see how passionate FASTFIRE users are - they are not just customers - they are loyal fans... and they are awesome! All of these comments are from current reviews, posted publicly on the web, and this is only a small sample we collected.
Great Strap AND Great Service! - Meryl

I was very happy to find the FASTFIRE camera strap. I originally purchased a Black Rapid strap, which was comfortable enough, but the camera store I frequent told me that the weight of my camera was not meant to dangle from the tripod mount. My husband also uses the tripod frequently so having the Black Rapid camera strap attached there was very inconvenient for him. I researched many straps and came across the FASFIRE. The owner, James, was very responsive and accommodating; when I inquired if this strap could be used as a 'lefty' strap, he offered to make one special for me - now THAT's service! Highly recommend this cross-body sling-style camera strap. It's comfortable to wear for hours at a time, very durable and doesn't interfere with using the tripod at a moment's notice!

The Only Camera Strap I'll Use - Jeff Loy

Fastfire straps are the only camera straps I'll use on my professional camera bodies. Solid construction out of quality materials, they have never let me down over several years of use. Unlike similar straps, Fastfire straps connect to a camera strap opening (and not the bottom of the camera), so you can leave the strap attached and put the camera body on a tripod. Overall, excellent design. I highly recommend them.

The new standard in Camera Straps! - Bryan B.

This is THE BEST camera strap! Over the shoulder design is MUCH more comfortable, and the design is great, just reach down and the camera slides up for easy shooting or can quick release from the strap in seconds. Much better than conventional straps. I was tired of the camera "belly bump" from the strap that came with my SLR. Additionally it is very well made, quality materials, nothing cheap about this strap's construction. Get it! You won't regret it! This will soon be one of your favorite pieces of camera equipment!

Fantastic Company, Fantastic Product - Janet Hughes

I have been looking for a great strap for years. I am a large man that loves walk around photography. Great exercise but I have never been able to find a strap large enough and comfortable until I discovered the Fastfire strap. This is a wonderful strap backed by the best owner and customers service policy I have ever experience in buying anything. They custom made a strap for me that fits perfect, is incredibly comfortable and I think could almost support picking up a small car. And get this, they did not charge me EXTRA for the custom work; they just wanted me to be happy with their produce and to fulfill my objectives, WOW! I could not be more pleased. You will not be disappointed in the product. The only disappointment you might have is that you did not buy it sooner. Another great feature, It is MADE IN AMERICA! Fantastic camera strap.

I highly recommend this product - Stephenie

I love my Fastfire Strap. The cross body design fits more comfortably than regular camera straps. The sliding toggle makes accessing the camera easier and quicker than having to fidget with other types of straps. I highly recommend this product.

High Quality Strap and A+ Customer Support - Grouper Capt "Todd L"

A very well built strap. High quality materials. Heavy duty buckles. Nice padded strap. This thing isn't falling apart! You know where your money is going with this strap. And prompt customer support from the company's owner.

I should have bought a strap like this years ago - Lynn M. Alaimo

I should have bought a strap like this years ago! It takes all the weight off your neck. Love it!

Worth every penny - Jason Haugen

I was a little reluctant about this strap because the price, but the comments about how it attaches to the camera is what kept me coming back to take another look. That and the overwhelmingly positive comments. I went ahead a got it and couldn't be more satisfied. Actually got a response from the owner when I e-mailed him to give good feedback on the shipment. Very fast, very professional, and a live person responding to me. I have installed the strap and can't wait to try it out. I'm a lefty and was going to install it backwards but the instructions pointed out that since the camera is designed for right hand use it makes sense to install it that way. Very well made strap and actually has a better snap than the one in the video. You won't be disappointed.

Just do it - Dennis

It is worth every penny. The strap feels and looks great. I have no fear of the camera falling. It's a must buy.

By Far The Best Sling Strap - R Moon

I wanted to switch to using a sling strap on my camera but I was wary of many flimsy ones out there for sale. The last thing I wanted to hear was the sound of my camera hitting concrete. So I started evaluating the higher rated straps. I had not heard much about the FASTFIRE but everything I saw led me to push the purchase button. The product shipped the same day it was ordered. When you open the package you see a set of instructions and a note that says that FASTFIRE is a small family business that takes extreme pride in the quality of their products. I can attest that the quality, design, strudyness and action is top notch. Some sling straps are large and overbearing. FASTFIRE is elegant in design and it is really smooth pulling that camera up to take a shot. There are no plastic connections to fail. Connections are all sturdy metal. I can't imagine anyone having second thoughts about buying one of these. It is solid as a rock and that was really important to me.

Best Camera Strap Ever - John

I will never go back to a regular camera neck strap again. I purchased this FastFire Cross-body Sling-Style camera strap in order to relieve the pressure from the neck strap attached to my Nikon D7100. What a difference!! My wife and I went to the hill country over Memorial Day weekend and I carried my camera ALL DAY without any neck strain or soreness. The camera is immediately and quickly available for a "grab" shot and does not interfere when I mount my camera on my monopod for a more composed photo. Another benefit is the additional protection for my camera as I have it right next to my hip instead of swinging from my neck. If I need to remove the camera from the strap it is a quick clip off and then back on again.

Best on the Market - Amazon Customer

For starters, I don't own a DSLR. I opted for a Samsung CSC instead, as it better suited my hobbyist needs. Nevertheless, the camera wasn't cheap, and I wanted a sturdy strap to protect it from falls. After reading all the horror stories about cameras plummeting from tripod-mounted rigs (the average way cameras are attached to sling-style straps), I just about gave up. Thankfully, I came across this wonderful product. The reviews were enthusiastic, the design was perfect in it's simplicity. However...those who own a CSC know that there aren't any strap lugs on these types of cameras. The manufacturers, in keeping with the compact design, opted to use eyelet type lugs for camera straps. The Fastfire strap is designed to connect to these lugs. Disappointed and not expecting much, I contacted the owner James about my dilemma. He responded quickly with a number of solutions, even throwing in some extra hardware to help attach my camera to the strap. Honestly, his helpful, friendly customer service sealed the deal for me. You have absolute assurance that Fastfire will stand behind their product. I received the strap today, and love the design more than I imagined. Invest in quality, people! You won't be disappointed.

Best of all the ones I've used - Robert W Grantham

I have and have used 2 other makes that allow cross body, hip length carry of my Nikon D300S and my other DSLRs. After more than 6 months of use I prefer this one over the others because of comfort and quality. The webbing is strong and does not chafe, the metal attachments are very well made and the camera attachment to which the sling is connected is very secure and complete with a slide that locks it onto the camera. I wear it over my right shoulder because of problems I have with my left shoulder and it works fine.

Great camera strap! - A Nelson

I really enjoy my Fastfire camera strap. I looked at and reviewed several over the shoulder straps before deciding on the Fastfire. What I liked most about Fastfire is how it attaches to my camera. Unlike other over the shoulder straps, that attach to the tripod mount, Fastfire attaches to the camera strap lug on the camera. This leaves my camera free to... attach my tripod of course, while still having the Fastfire attached to my camera. And because of it's design, I also don't have any concerns about my camera accidentally becoming unattached from the strap as I've read about other straps. The Fastfire is very comfortable and the quality of materials are first class. The only suggestion I have is for a small accessory pouch on the strap for cards or batteries. I understand from the designer of Fastfire that this feature is in the works. Great camera strap!

A great product, and yet so simple - John B.

This item is something out of this world...And all it is ,is a strap...But what a strap, It is wide enough so that it's not hurting your shoulder...You can slide it around till it is resting on your hip...Walk Bend over and do all sort's of things that you can't do with a strap that's hanging in front of you..Its worth the money to buy one...

Ready to go when you you are! - W. Ivey

The Fastfire strap makes chasing the perfect shot easier than ever. No more clumsy camera strap rubbing my neck raw before the day's end. This strap has been with me from Hawaii to Alaska and places in between. I cannot imagine going back to the original neck strap. My camera hangs at my side ready to come into position and focus in seconds. Great idea and great product for amateurs and professionals.

The BEST camera strap we've ever used! - Ky Nguyen

Absolutely takes the weight off my neck. After a long day of tourist-y activities, the last thing I want to think about is how heavy my camera has gotten. I'm no longer worried about carrying it like a shoulder bag, slung over my shoulder, an open target for someone to snatch and run. Definitely a must buy if you're a photographer of any type. Love it so much we gave them as gifts to our two photography obssessed family members!

Great for Pro Videography! - Mollie R.

If you do any kind of live shooting; sports, weddings, events - this strap is perfect for you. It takes away so much stress of managing your camera and lets you worry about just getting your shot.

I'm A Happy FastFire Owner - R. Cormier

Great Item ! I had looked at many straps and this one caught my eye over and over again. It's built solid. I don't have to fuss with my tripod mount which for me is a great plus. You can see the extra detail in it's construction by the way every area that needed stitching will not be an area I will concern myself about. I have had the pleasure to chat on the phone with the people from FastFire and was so happy to find this is a US based family business and that they care about every strap they produce. That to me says alot. I will tell any camera owner I know about this product and would certainly recommend it to anyone looking for a well made product

It just makes sense to use the FASTFIRE
and it's an investment that will probably outlast your camera.


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