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If you haven't seen the demo video, here's a summary of how the FASTFIRE DSLR camera strap works.

Action Model

As you can see from the photo, FASTFIRE is a cross-body sling strap, worn over the shoulder and across the torso, sling style. The camera comes to rests hands free at the hip. The camera is secured by a spring loaded strap hook that swivels 360 degrees and slides freely up and down the strap from the ready position, to the shooting position, in a split second. Our unique design, which includes a separate "Camera Link" working in conjunction with the strap hook, makes it fast and easy to engage and disengage the camera from the strap. The Camera Link attaches to the camera strap lug at the top of the DSLR camera, where your old-fashioned camera strap used to attach. Go from strap to tripod without changing any hardware.

Here are FASTFIRE camera strap features not mentioned in the video.

Hardware Close-up

  • The contoured shoulder pad has utility loops on top and water proof, slip resistant "Enduratex" (carbon fiber design) on the bottom
  • Full inch and a half wide polypro webbing for better durability and weight displacement
  • Comes equipped with the very sleek "Stealth V" heavy duty quick release buckle
  • The "Camera Link" has a traditional Sliplok design as well as a stopper, creating a double safety mechanism, to assure that the "Camera Link" remains attached to the camera
  • The strap's adjustment hardware makes it adjustable to accomodate different body shapes and shooting styles
  • Currently available in original black-on-black and 15 custom order colors

Below is a copy of the instructions that come packaged with your FASTFIRE camera strap.
Attaching and using the strap is simple, but the instructions, with photos, are provided to ensure that the camera strap is properly attached to the camera. The FASTFIRE camera strap comes with attachment hardware called the "Camera Link" which gets attached to the camera strap lug at the top of the camera - then, once it's on...just leave it on, it's lightweight, it's out of the way, and you can go from cross-body sling strap to tripod without changing a thing.
FASTFIRE Instructions
It just makes sense to use the FASTFIRE
and it's an investment that will probably outlast your camera.


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